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Việt Á

14/08/2017 03:01

Who we are?
Viet A IP Co., Ltd. is dedicated to actualize a dream of excellent services in Intellectual Property matters.
What we provide?
Our work covers all forms of Intellectual Property Rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights and much more. We provide the full spectrum of services relating to such intellectual property, including:
  • Registrability search and Registration of protection: We are proud of not only our experience for evaluating registrability but also the filing procedure strengthened by our IP watch system.
  • Enforcement: Viet A IP Co., Ltd. differs from the rest in our ability to flexibly handle Intellectual Property Rights disputes in order to maximize clients’ benefit.
  • Licensing and assignment: Our services include negotiating, providing legal advices, contract drafting, and registering license/assignment contract.
  • Technology transfer: We match Patent Owners with the Investors and Enterprises in order to bring technologies to life.
Who we serve?
We serve a diverse clientele, ranging from top tier international Corporation to local start-ups. Further to providing legal advices of Intellectual Property Rights, Viet A IP Co., Ltd. represents clients in fulfilling registration and enforcement procedures at the Competent Authorities.
Clients entrust their Intellectual Property Rights, one of the most important assets, to Viet A IP Co., Ltd. just for one reason: they believe that Viet A IP Co., Ltd. provides one-stop and professional Intellectual Property services, which will potentially achieve significant efficiency on their business.
Who we cooperate?
We have good relationship with Governmental Authorities in the IP field such as Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), General department of Customs, Courts, etc.
Also, we are in association with THAI MINH TAM LAW FIRM who provides comprehensive legal services to client