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Việt Á

10/12/2018 16:32

Techfest Vietnam is an annual event hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and in collaboration with other ministries and socio-economic organizations. This is the biggest national event held for Startup Community in Vietnam.
Techfest Vietnam 2018 was held from November 29 to December 01, 2018 at Aryana Convention Center, Danang City with about 5,000 participants including enterprises, investors, startups, etc.
Realizing the importance of this year event, Viet A Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. and our Korean partners, WIPS Co., Ltd. has participated in TECHFEST 2018 event with our hope to bring Korean technologies to Vietnamese enterprises.
In this event, we brought new technologies in the field of medical, agriculture, cosmetics, etc. which have been recognized as the most attractive fields in Vietnamese market.


The list of 20 technologies introduced in Techfest 2018 is shown below:


  1. Versatile Eco-Friendly Planting Block
  2. Meso-Porous Silica / Ceria-Silica Compound & its Manufacturing Method
  3. Multiple Beam Path Laser Optical System Using Multiple Beam Reflector
  4. Method Of Analyzing Error Rate In System-On-Chip
  5. OLED Display Apparatus and Visible Light Communication System
  6. NoC-Based Adaptive Error Correction Apparatus
  7. Open-Loop Pre-coder & Open-Loop Pre-coding Method In Multiple-Input/Output Spatial Multiplexing System
  8. Development of a catch basin sump insert to reduce mosquitoes
  9. Environmental chips based on colorimetric detection with mobile-app
  10. Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating diabetes and diabetic complications comprising major ampullate spidroin protein from Araneus ventricosus
  11. PAC multiple expression gene increasing carotenoid content of plant and uses thereof
  12. New turfgrass cultivar with herbicide-resistant, dwarfic phenotype and its method of production
  13. Fusion polynucleotide for biosynthesis of beta-carotene comprising self-cleavage 2A sequence and transformed cell using the same
  14. Use of dhar gene from Oryza sativa as regulator of yield and environmental stresses
  15. BrDST28 protein implicated in drought stress tolerance, gene encoding the protein and transformed plants with the same
  16. Sterilizer for vehicle or room with plasma
  17. A Food sterilizing apparatus using non-thermal plasma generated by microwave and sterilizing method using the same
  18. Transformed Plants with Resistance to Cucumber mosaic virus
  19. Development of coating formulations for fruit coating
  20. Method for Screening Anti-Viral Agents
Pic 1. Flyers about the technologies
Many Vietnamese organizations, companies were interested in the technologies, e.g. Council of Administrating of Startup network in Danang, Flying Fish Investment Co., Ltd., Incubation Center of Danang University of Science and Technology, etc.
After three days of event, information and comments of Vietnamese enterprises were recorded and contacted for the preparation of technology transfer in near future.
Some photos of the event:
Pic 2. Viet A and WIPS at our booth
Pic 3. WIPS is introducing a technology to a Vietnamese enterprise
If you interest in any of the above mentioned technologies, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail.
Source: Viet A Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.